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Impressive reviews for «FAR: Lone Sails»

«FAR: Lone Sails» (c) Mixtvision

«Impactful, gripping, beautiful» – these are the words used to describe the atmosphere of «FAR: Lone Sails» by Brendan Lowry, from Windows Central – the online platform online that features news, reviews, and community forums based on all things Microsoft. The review is concluded with a 5/5 and a «Masterpiece» mention. Charlie Hall from Polygon describes «FAR: Lone Sails» as «a poem disguised as a video game»

«FAR: Lone Sails» began in 2015 as Don Schmocker’s bachelor’s project, at the Zurich University of the Arts. The development team expanded to other students at the University working alongside Schmocker during his master’s degree to become Okomotive, an indie game developer company based in Zürich.

Evolving in a ruined landscape, the game is a vehicle exploration adventure where the player develops an emotional attachment to its vehicle, by maintaining and upgrading its unique vessel. The game will be release on Microsoft Windows and OS X on 17 May 2018, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in development.

«FAR: Lone Sails» was a finalist in the Best Student Game category at the 2017 Independent Games Festival and has been supported within the frame of Pro Helvetia’s Call for Projects in 2017.