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«Persephone» – What if death is not the end, but the answer?

SwissGames delegation in San Francisco

Courage XL B2C Showcase event
The Monarch, 101 6th Str, San Francisco
17 March 2019

SwissGames @ GCA
Game Connection America
18-22 March 2019
Tables 174 + 175 + 177
AT&T Stadium

European Game Showcase
19 March 2019

SwissGames pavilion @ GDC
Game Developers Conference
20-22 March 2019
Booth N2911
Moscone Center

Momo-pi is an independent game studio based in Bulle. Due to their horizontal organizational structure, all of the three members contribute equally to the game projects. Since one of them works from Japan and the other two from Switzerland, they are able to combine their cultural backgrounds to create unique and smart games. Their mobile puzzle game «Persephone» was released in 2018 and has been awarded with «Excellence in Gameplay» at the Ludicious Zurich Game Festival in 2019.

Following Persephone, the underworld goddess from Greek mythology, players of the 2D isometric game «Persephone» have to get to the bottom of hell, reaching her husband Hades. Each of the levels presents a puzzle with a different environment and unique mechanics. The journey through the underworld is enriched by colorful illustrations and atmospheric sounds.

In contradiction to most games, death is not the end, but a vital component in solving the puzzles. Persephone’s dead body is used by her incarnation to overcome various obstacles. The death of the protagonist is an ingenious way of stirring up the puzzle game genre. Where, how and when will you choose to die in order to progress?

«Persephone» is part of the SwissGames 2019 delegation to San Francisco and will be present at the GDC SwissGames pavilion from 20 to 22 March 2019. The game by Momo-pi is suitable for Android and iOS.