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Terraformers – Expanding beyond earth

Nordic Game

22-24 May 2019
Booth A21
Malmö, Sweden

Asteroid Lab is a newly founded game studio based in Bern. They are working on «Terraformers», their first title. It is a single player strategic colony building computer game on a planetary scale with elements of roleplay and a realistic terraforming simulation.

Mankind has expanded beyond earth and is now starting to colonise Mars. You (the player) have been chosen to settle humanity on the red planet. Found new settlement, use in-situ resources and lead your colonists to crazy engineering projects. Slowly the planet will change to become more «Earth-Like», a process called terraforming. Start a volcano to heat the planet or melt the ice in order to create vast seas, what will you do to colonize Mars?

Asteroid Lab are part of the SwissGames delegation to the Nordic Game Conference (22-24 May 2019) in Malmö. In collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Sweden 7 swiss studios were selected to showcase their games and technologies at the SwissGames booth, and they have the opportunity to take part in the MeetToMatch matchmaking platform.