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«Tower of Babel»: stumble and fall

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SwissGames at Gamescom:
20-22 August 2019
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Köln Messe
Cologne, Germany

DNA studios’ Tower of Babel is a multiplayer construction game, but the cooperative aspect goes out the window. Every player participates in building the same tower, but the one who makes it collapse loses. How does it work? Everytime a bloc aligns perfectly on another one is bad news for the opponents who receive a malus that make the building stumble.

First available on AirConsole, Tower of Babel was updated by the end of 2018 to allow the players to enter a real battle mode: 2 towers and twice the fun. After an online matchmaking option, making it possible to play against people in the whole world, the game received a support from Pro Helvetia and will be available on Switch. A first demo will be presented at Gamescom 2019.

Bulle based DNA Studios is part of the SwissGames delegation at Gamescom 2019.