SWISSGAMES is initiated by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.

Participants announced: SwissGames Showcase 2020

SwissGames Showcase (c) latitude66 / ilaria albisetti

Initiated by Pro Helvetia, SwissGames Showcase 2020 is a new mentorship programme to help independent studios access business opportunities in the challenging times of Covid-19.

Following a call for participation, Swiss studios from all regions applied through video pitches which were reviewed by a panel of international experts. Each member of the jury chose their favourite games that they will personally coach via online sessions and introduce them to potential business partners within their networks. About the programme, mentor Jason Della Rocca commented: «Always wonderful to see the diversity of games coming from Swiss designers. As each game is so unique, it takes a bespoke approach to mentor each studio to achieve maximum potential. SwissGames Showcase 2020 is exactly the laser focused support that developers need to succeed.» 
The chosen studios form the SwissGames Showcase 2020 which, from this summer on until the end of the year, will take part to international online and offline events (Ludicious, Gamescom Digital, Nordic Game Conference,..).
Industry matchmaking organiser MeetToMatch will provide additional tailored support and event coordination for the selected studios.

The 11 selected studios forming the SwissGames Showcase 2020 are:

Mentored by Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs):
  • Lukyantsev Company«Wild Planet»

    «Wild Planet is oozing with style. It has high potential for discoverability and the right social hooks.» 

  • Stelex Software«Monorail Stories»

    «Without a doubt, Monorail Stories is the most charming game I’ve seen in a while. Delicious pixel graphics and intriguing asynchronous storytelling.»

  • Digital Kingdom«Swordship»

    «Am I even cool enough to play Swordship? Slick and edgy, the game draws you in and demands you give it your best shot.»

Mentored by Ella Romanos (Fundamentally Games):
  • KlugGen«Perspectivist»

    «KLUGGEN has great game concept with a novel and innovative approach. I believe in their potential to build a sustainable studio from this project and look forward to supporting them towards this goal.»

  • Stardust – «AVA – an interactive fairytale»

    «This beautiful, episodic interactive story is quite unique. As someone with an interest for storytelling within casual games, I wish to help the developer in finding their place in the international marketplace. »

Mentored by Jamil Moledina (Google Play, EA, GDC):
  • Caustique Games – «Team:Cars»

    «The game is a clever mix of genres that are both commercially proven and fun. I like where they’re going with art, tone, and perspective, as they give the game  strong appeal to fans of classic and broadly appealing game types and car sports in general.» 

  • Naraven Games«Backfirewall»

    «I love that the game instantly feels like the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game, and so many of the classic adventure games of that era. But this time, it’s modernized with more depth of interaction, and yet with that same jaunty tongue-in-cheek style that feels so effortless, but in reality, is so difficult to pull off 

  • Asteroid Lab – «Terraformers»

    «Space is still the final frontier, and the idea of a detailed simulation of terraforming Mars is particularly appealing during our self-destructive times on this planet. Blending exploration with Rogue-lite elements, the project has a lot of ambition, and I’m excited to work with a first-time studio looking at design with fresh eyes.» 

Mentored by Callum Underwood (Kowloon Nights, Oculus):
  • Stray Fawn Studio«The Wandering Village»

    «The art style is great, especially with the difference between environment & characters. Stray Fawn Studio is building a great reputation with its fans and with the game developer community, so I am proud to support this project to its next phase.»

  • Violet Saint – «Moroi»

    «I’m really impressed with the match of comedy and gritty gameplay. Moroi is artistically strong, and has a great atmospheric feel

Mentored by Robin Hunicke (Funomena):
  • Echtzeit : «Whoop Arcade»

    «This project is developed by a team of two really smart and capable designers. They have managed to produce an advanced and appealing demo and I would love to help them make it accessible.»

In conclusion, Callum Underwood also expressed his enthusiasm for the SwissGames Showcase 2020 initiative: «I’m so glad organizations like Pro Helvetia are tackling the challenges of helping local studios in a time without travel, events, and in-person meetings. It can be difficult for studios to get the support and help they need in the best of times, so it’s extra important that local organisations step in to help where possible. I’m very proud to be a mentor this year, especially with the high quality of devs and games to cover.»
The next events featuring the Showcase will be revealed soon.

If you would like to know more about the projects and the studios, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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