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Interactive Media Work Grants Autumn 2022: Supported Projects

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Thirteen projects were selected by this autumn’s Interactive Media Work Grants jury for their artistic quality and originality.

The jury was composed of the following experts: Dajana Dimovska, Elisa Mekler, Alessandra van Otterlo, Alberto Torgano, and Faviana Vangelius von Heijne. The jury met online during three days to discuss all the applications and make the selection.

The jury stated: “It’s great to see so many promising and upcoming fresh faces getting into the game with big ambitions. And the fact that many studios have applied for a production grant is a good sign, it shows that the Swiss game industry is alive and kicking. Also, there are three female-led studios among the funded projects, which is great and a role model for the generations to come. Besides, more projects are going towards cross-platform development, which is a positive trend.

Full line-up of awarded projects:

Pre-production funding:

Aestik – Hooded Traveler Games

«Aestik» is a hand-drawn 2D metroidvania with souls-like elements that focuses on exploration, snappy combat, platforming and moral dilemmas. As the player explores the Realm of Aestik, they are forced to make impactful decisions which will change the course of the game. To fathom a mysterious corruption that drives sane creatures mad, players will need to use unlockable abilities and in-game gadgets that make the journey through this strangely unique world a bit more untroubling.

Animal Riot – restore peace – Fusion.Robot

«Animal Riot – restore peace» is a humorous & absurd Action-RPG with a focus on the relationship between animals and humans, and also mocks modern society. The animals had enough! Let’s do something together. Your job is to build up and lead an animal crew. The overall goal is to bring back nature! Also, you bring down an ominous power that misleads the average modern human. There are rumours of a ‘big money man’ behind the curtains. Is he the culprit ? Chicko and you will find out what’s behind all of this.

Castle Come – A walking fortress roguelike – lauflauf

In «Castle Come – A walking fortress roguelike» you assemble a walking fortress and scout through a strange land full of bandits and other walking fortresses, to the edge of the world and beyond. Scavenge the enemy fortresses you defeat for new parts, and build your way from an agile little fortling into a deadly, hulking monster machine.

Plank Builders – Relive Childhood Memories – Diditopia Games

«Plank Builders – Relive Childhood Memories» is a peaceful construction game. The player is in a child’s room where stuffed toy monkeys are hidden throughout the entire map. Magical marbles have the ability to make toy monkeys come alive. In the beginning, one of these monkeys comes alive and is controlled by the player. Your mission is to reach all the monkeys and help them to come alive too. But the floor is lava! In order to reach the monkeys, the player has to plan and build constructions made out of wooden planks.

Psychotic Bathtub – The Story of an Escalating Mind. And Ducks. – Natasha Sebben

«Psychotic Bathtub» deals with a psychotic disorder in a small space. We find ourselves as Ophelia in our bathtub and interact with the environment: We argue with our rubber duck, drink wine, add more bathwater. Each of our interactions threatens to escalate and has consequences: We drown our duck, the wine turns into poison, the bathroom is flooded. And so we move through the disorder towards different endings.

(Undisclosed project) – 5am Games 

5am Games GmbH is a woman-led game studio from Zurich. Our focus is on creative, charming games with a good pinch of humour and lots of exciting interactions. In February this year, we successfully released our first game “Letters – a written adventure” and have been working on a new game concept ever since. The game itself is still a secret, but we can already reveal that it is an RPG adventure full of childlike fantasy, turn-based battles and friendship.

Production funding:

Circle of Kerzoven – Marco Burri

«Circle of Kerzoven» is a city building strategy game paired with an immersive simulation. The player manages their citizens, resources, production lines and the interaction with the surrounding nature.

Grimoire Groves – Stardust

In «Grimoire Groves» you can become a masterful witch as you grow cute plant creatures with your magic in this cozy rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Craft powerful spells and items, discover new plant types, befriend magical creatures, and restore the magical forest.

Henry – Lululu Entertainment

«Henry» is a quirky sandbox adventure game where you follow the life of Henry, an odd little fellow with the peculiar ability to possess and control any object within his reach. Discover every object’s unique properties and abilities and cleverly combine them to progress through the levels and story of Henry’s not-so-ordinary everyday life.

Hermit: an Underwater Tale – Early Coffee Games

In «Hermit: an Underwater Tale» you play as a helpless hermit crab and use your shells to defeat countless waves of monsters and giant sea creatures, all while under the constant pressure of rampant seabed pollution.

Next Player Please – ArchLevel

«Next Player Please» is a VR party game played at a table with friends and only one device that is passed around. It offers fun and easy to learn minigames in VR without the need for multiple devices or a rigid playspace. In quick tournaments the players experience the various minigames, whether it be fishing, building a fortress or digging together for buried treasures.

Ninza – Klakmioch

«Ninza» is a 2D multiplayer fighting game. Instead of hitting your opponents directly, you attempt to crush or hurl them off-screen by throwing pieces of the level at them. Since the procedurally generated layout of the battlefield is being continuously altered, opportunities to shine but also to die can occur at any time. To survive you must think and react fast. The environment is your weapon but also your worst enemy.

Wéko The Mask Gatherer – Siro Games

«Wéko The Mask Gatherer» is a third person role playing/action game mixing exploration and real time combat. In the style of a 3D action-adventure game, you will be transported to a fantastic world where you will play as Wéko, an adventurer and collector of magical masks.

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