SWISSGAMES is initiated by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.


The game cluster in Switzerland is still young but grows steadily and already presents great assets, such as start-ups developing cutting-edge technologies and studios producing original and successful games. Currently around 120 companies are working part-time or full-time on games, VR or AR projects.

These organisations help the growth and success of the Swiss game cluster and culture.

The Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA)

The independent Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) is the member-driven proponent for Swiss game developers. The non-profit organisation’s goals are a supportive political environment, professionalisation through promotion of knowhow and young talents as well as the increased visibility of a strong Swiss game industry. The SGDA hosts the «Swiss Game Awards» which honours Swiss innovation in games.

The IGDA Switzerland Chapter

The IGDA Switzerland Chapter is committed to fostering connections with the international game development community as well as organising nationwide grassroots community events. The IGDA values inclusion and diversity and advocate on behalf of all individuals in the Swiss game development community. Monthly demo nights serve as a platform for postmortems, lectures, play-testing, and general discussion about the business of making and playing videogames.

The Swiss Interactive Entertainment Association (SIEA)

The SIEA (Swiss Interactive Entertainment Association) is the Swiss association of the video game industry. Its goal is to promote video games as the main entertainment medium of the 21st Century.

The Swiss e-Sports Federation

The main goals of Swiss e-Sports Federation are to promote the understanding of e-Sports, establish e-Sports as an official sport and carry-out dedicated events.

Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival

Ludicious is a networking and exchange platform for game developers. At it’s heart are the exhibition, the developer conference, workshops, competitions & matchmaking and networking opportunities in a personal atmosphere. The festival showcases the most original games by upcoming studios and innovative game developers. Ludicious Business connects experienced professionals with promising new projects and technologies.